The exact cost to implement a default 20mph speed limit across March will not be known until a full assessment is carried out. Once we have figures from Cambridgeshire County Council we shall update this website accordingly.

Total cost is expected to run into ‘tens of thousands’ as opposed to ‘hundreds of thousands’, which can spent on physical calming measures such as chicanes and humps. Whatever the final cost is, it will be a very small part of any highways improvement budget.

Cambridgeshire County Council have already suggested a contribution would need to come from March Town Council but that may only be as little as 10%. Cambridgeshire County Council are responsible for highway improvements, funding, along with setting local speed limits.

To bring the cost into perspective. If the total cost of implementation were to be £20,000, with around 20,000 residents in March, the total cost per capita would be £1.